Hi nigel,

Thanks for the comment! I, too, often spend more time trying to find the perfect system than actually doing what I am supposed to — that’s one of the reasons I write for 40Tech. It’s my enabler. It gives me a reason to justify my habit. :P

Paying for reminders, eh? I don’t think GQueues would get on very well with my friend Cheapness. Two different worlds, those two.

As for the Producteev commentary, I agree that a few more features would be nice. The devs over ate Producteev are always driving forward, though. I’ve had a few in depth conversations with some of their main people, and they are certainly passionate about making Producteev one of the best systems out there. The only way I’ve found to handle recursive tasks to date is to enter it once in Producteev and then add a repeat to the task in Google Calendar. That way I still get my notification reminder, and have a record of the task and any notes in Producteev.