Nice adaptation with the “visible-only” workspaces!

I’m an out of sight out of mind guy too. Out of sight means it doesn’t exist for me — my wife is constantly exasperated when I say I didn’t eat the plate of leftovers she left for me (or some such) because I didn’t know they were there. She believes that I should have known they were there because any normal person would have looked in the fridge. This does not work for me… :P

In fact, that’s why I set up this system. I rely heavily on the overview area and need it to have easily visible separation. I’m glad you were able to use the system as a basis!

As for the notes, you are correct. There is no way (currently) to edit notes in Producteev. I’ve been bugging them about Evernote integration, but unless the majority of users start clamouring for it, it’s not likely to happen.