Nice take Josh…and very thorough! I’ve been a GTD app junkie: Thngs, Evernote (40 tech’s take and implemantation), Producteev and Circus Ponies Notebook. It seems I’m missing a couple, but those are the apps I’ve tried off the top of my head. I seem to love them at first, but find something is lacking after using them a while. I wish they would all just huddle together and let me pick and choose what I like best ; )

When I tried Gtdagenda a few weeks back I was overwhelmed and turned away. I must have had one of those “not another gtd app learning curve” moments. Josh’s review has me wanting to revisit Gtdagenda though.

I like the idea of a calendar view so I can see when things are due, where I am in the month and when the month ends. In my business, it’s important to have a calendar always in view and to have all things in one place would make my life alot easier.

I also like the idea of checklists. Checklists help me to get those things done that aren’t a project but I don’t want to forget to do them. I actually use a pencil and paper for some of them now and it would be nice to again have everything in one view.

The part of the review that troubles me is the lack of an iphone app. I’m not out of the office alot, but it would help to be able to continue my agendas throughout the day. “All work and no play makes John a dull boy” ;)

In all, gtagenda looks very intereesting with the calendar and checklist, bit the missing iphone app is troubling. Josh’s take has me wanting to look at it again! Thanks Josh!