Where do I sign and when is it coming?
I am not a Facebook fan so call me an early adopter to Google Me.

As far as success, I think you are right on the money with “Groundbreaking” and “Wasteland”.

Consider, however, that Farmville, etc. is what U.S. citizens have chosen to focus on rather than the wholesale sacking of the middle class and “American Dream”. Thus, it seems Facebook is indeed a Wasteland of the First Order, but that is what sells…kinda like prime-time network TV.

That said, I would offer that “groundbreaking” might be something like Google sponsoring something like “Good” [ http://www.good.is/ ], currently supported by you-know-who. They could integrate it into all of their other social services and put their money where their mouth is and seed-money a number of key local volunteer efforts based on track record, exposure, need, etc. and, heck, maybe people might find joining society more interesting than Farmville or something…who knows ?