Hi Bobby, thank you for the heads up. I am moving my tasks away from Outlook as it lacks support for my Android (or vis versa). I find Outlook’s recurring task invaluable and I have yet to come accross an online app that supports this. I like Producteev UI. It’s just so pleasant to work on. I am discarding RTM and others just on this merit alone. I like the calendar view of tasks (hard to find one with this support). I like the sync with Google feature, and also the respond via email feature. I am not sure your suggestion of using Labels for subtasks is a good one. It is just a work around isn’t it? Having all the praises, then there are the lingering frustrations like so many of these apps that takes iPhone as the precedence over Android. Although the interface is lovely to look at, for a first timer, getting around Producteev is not so easy after all. Maybe I am thick but I think we need more intuition here. I can’t create a label easily on the Workspace, or I would have thought that configuring my connections will be in Settings but that is not the case. And why create a new calendar in Google calendar? I already have three calendars and having another one confuses the whole lot. The email respond to overdue tasks is promising but it didn’t work for me. Perhaps I am in the UK and got my date format wrong. Nonetheless, Producteev sounds like something I might move into when they give Android some thoughts.