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Sponsored Posts and Blogging Credibility

image We’ve previously asked for your input on product reviews here at 40Tech.  Now, we have a similar question.  Specifically, when a blog publishes a sponsored post, does that affect how you view that blog?  By "sponsored post," I mean a post similar to what Mashable and Lifehacker sometimes run, where the post is a paid advertisement, but clearly marked as such.  We are asking, because one type of advertising inquiry that we have received concerns sponsored posts.  We asked the same question on our Facebook fan page, but we get much more traffic here on the site.

Image by AMagill.

While we’d like to pay the bills here, we are interested in knowing whether you feel this comprises a blog’s credibility, and whether you are less likely to read a blog with sponsored posts.  We know up front that we would establish a few ground rules with any sponsored post.  First, we would need to feel that it would be of some interest to our readers, and in good taste.  Next, we would have the final edit on any post.  Also, any sponsored post would be clearly marked as a sponsored post or an advertisement, and the number of sponsored posts would be very limited.

So, fire away – what do you think?