Having now seen said ad, I have one suggestion. I read your articles mostly through your RSS feed. The post was tagged with a bracketed notice of [Sponsored Post], but since it was at the end of subject and not at the beginning, I didn’t notice until today. I would prefer it if that tag was at the beginning of the subject and not at the end, so that it is very clear what it is. Chances are I will still read it, but I won’t feel duped when I see the tag later.

I’m also curious as to who wrote the post. The tone and third-person way of referring to the sponsor contributed to my confusion. If the sponsor came up with that copy, then it actually does have an effect on my perception of this blog’s credibility.

I feel I’m least offended by the way John Gruber (Daring Fireball) handles his sponsors. The [Sponsor] tag always comes first, and the copy is clear that it is coming from another party and not his voice. He appears to be selective as to who advertises on his blog, and he chimes in when he can add his personal opinion about a product. I have a lot of faith in his advertisers, and I have purchased more than a few products and services that have sponsored his feed.

I hope this helps. I like your blog and am all for you getting some revenue from it!