My wife signed up to Audible because she joined a book club. The Library had the book, but there were 200 holds for 30 copies, and there were no online versions but Audible. They do a book a month, and if there is a lull in the club meetings, the credits accumulate. I started listening to Audible and have “read” more books, in the past 3 years than in the last 20.

I have a favourite narrator for a series of books, but have yet to hear a bad narration. It is expensive and they keep you buying as there are limits to how many credits you can hold a one time, depending on your membership level.

I have an “at home” desk job, and listening to an Audible book does not slow down my work, so books are great background noise, instead of music. I walk around the house doing the chores, or outside BBQ-ing, or grocery shopping. It’s all good.