LOL! Sorry to inundate you with information, Daniel. You might also want to check out my GTD in Producteev post… :P


Or Evan’s post on GTD concepts: https://www.40tech.com/2010/10/11/how-to-use-gtd-concepts-to-manage-and-process-information-overload-in-the-digital-age/

Seriously though, the Evernote post is a good resource for learning GTD fundamentals, even if you don’t choose to use it as your task management platform. Many people like it because it bridges old school pen/paper/daytimer techniques with new technology. Many others need more automation — reminders, Google Calendar connections, etc, and so use Producteev, Toodledo, or another platform. As Daniel says, sometimes the best choice is to adopt multiple platforms and play to their strengths. I do try my best to squeeze as much out of a single app as I can, though… I’m actually working on a GTD in Springpad post right now, so keep a look out over the next week or so. :D