Great list. Am definitely going to check out the comicsI don’t have an iPhone but an iPod touch–I wish it had a camera!

Re. e-book readers: I use both Kindle and Stanza. I troll the Web and use Calibre to format text I want to read, like HTML pages, into MOBI format. (Kindles can read MOBI but not ePUB, but Stanza can read both.)

The problem, as you note, is getting the dang document onto the touch. With Kindle, I think it just syncs; I haven’t been able to figure out a way to port homemade content into the touch to read through the Kindle app, only content through (With my actual Kindle device, I just use the USB port and move over the documents.)

For Stanza, you can upload documents you create to your space at (; look for the PERSONAL CONTENT button, and upload it from your main computer. You then navigate there on the iPod touch or iPhone, select it, and let it download to your unit.