You know, I am thinking age and generation have a large role in the overall scheme. If you have grown up with social media tech, it is easier to be flippant about it — and since this tech is so relatively new, the people who did grow up with it are generally still pretty young, with (often) less to lose.

I used to be pretty flip about it, saying that “I’ve got nothing to hide, and less to steal” with a shrug and a cocky smile. I’ve got a wife now though, and a baby girl. I am responsible to them as well, so everything I reveal about myself and my location could, theoretically, compromise them. I generally don’t share pictures of my daughter, with a few exceptions, and I recently went through my Facebook profile (which was otherwise open to the public) and started adding more privacy filters — and I’m just getting started.

I suppose that, if anyone really wanted to put the effort in, they could find me, hack me, harass me, or whatever — but I find every day that I want to do more and more to mitigate those possibilities.