OK… some informal data points from my quick Jott vs. Dial2Do “shootout” :-)

Voice transcriptions via Jott generally seem a little more accurate. As well, they seem to be delivered slightly faster compared to Dial2Do (my emails arrived in roughly 5 mins for Jott, vs. 10 mins or so for D2D).

The “user experience” for Jott is quite an improvement over Dial2Do. For one thing, I did not bump into Dial2Do’s 400 contact limit in Jott – admittedly, probably not an issue for many users. As well, the “look and feel” of the incoming emails was slicker using Jott (the Jott emails looked very “pro” with nice HTML formatting, vs. plain text for the Dial2Do emails).

In addition, the voice quality of the attached WAV file was a lot better with Jott than with Dial2Do… which might be important if you talk fast, like I do :-)

On the flip side of the coin, “Jott Pro” will set you back $12.95/month, whereas Dial2Do’s comparable “Pro” service is just $3.99/month.

In either case, the fact is that for a few bucks a month you can get an unlimited voice to email service which is pretty flippin’ sweet. I will bang on these a little more before making a final decision (too bad the Jott folks only give you a measly 7 day free trial, vs. 30 days for Dial2Do… oh well).

Would appreciate hearing from anyone else who has been a longer time user as well…

Thanks for the blog, guys… keep the good stuff coming!