It will be a few years at least before web apps catch up to native apps. HTML 5 is still in its infancy and not supported to any great extent on most browsers. Nevertheless, web apps will eventually surpass native apps for the reasons given in this article. As for comment that web apps “will get less publicity”, that is not true at all. In fact, most apps in the Apple App Store already have little publicity. Any company that develops any good product and uses a lot more marketing techniques other than relying exclusively upon Apple’s App Store will get publicity. The biggest benefit for developers however is that instead of forking over 30% of their revenue to Apple, they will be able to keep a larger percentage.

One thing that I have also noticed is that most people tend to think that because you have a web app, you can’t market it in a store. That is nonsense. In fact, my company is currently building a true “app store” where apps can be native or web apps. The store doesn’t treat your apps any differently just because its hosted on a website. You still need a portal where users can go, browse, compare and rate apps, regardless how they are built.

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