My spider senses, the ones that I developed being a kid in a not great neighborhood looking over her shoulder and actually being aware of her surroundings so as not to get jacked, those spider senses say Google is not to be trusted. Any business person that makes it so you come to them because you have no other choice whether it is in your longterm self interest or not was called a loan shark where I grew up.
I don’t care if Google Giganticorp’s president supports goats for my lawn (& I really like goat cheese), he is a preppie loan shark. Loan sharks went to Church where I grew up, they were very nice so long as you did whatever they said, whether it was in your long term best interest or not.
While growing up, some kids and I all went to the river before the police to view the body of a hippie who had run afoul of some people who had no concern for his welfare once he could not pay for his pot. That hippie is why I am a straight edge punk malcontent that won’t buy into Google Skynet’s brave new world.
Urban Guerillas and backwoods Acadians alike can smell this brave new world brewing in the Google cookshack.
Tips for the modern French Trapper travelling the information trails and byways: Never put your home address in an email account, the front of your phone book will tell you alternate zipcodes. Have all your account information on hard copy in a secure location that does not look like a computer password list. Set your browser to very secure, open in private screens if you are trying to do sensitive research and do a sweep of your browser when you are done. Norton 360 is cheap for the web protection you get and used by the US Navy. USN on the whole is an organization not so much into mindless do as I say jarhead order as in Order that serves to make possible freedoms to augment and adapt that order to change.
The egalitarian Acadian in me wishes this was just paranoia. The Urban Guerilla knows it is not.
Sophie Moine signing off children of Matrix Yang 3.0