I was this | | close to not commenting after realizing that our blogs share the same theme. Made me realize how much work I’ve got ahead of me.

Site statistics is almost as addicting as gambling. I remember when I used Weebly and had Google Analytics installed, I couldn’t stop checking the stats every hour even though they weren’t in real time. It was a very unproductive time.

Then I got a WordPress.com blog. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get Google Analytics installed since WP doesn’t allow scripts. Soon afterwards, I got hooked on the WP stats. SMH.

Now that I finally set up a self-hosted blog on WordPress, I have thus far managed to keep my Google Analytics addiction at bay. (Knock on wood)

Anyways, hope you don’t get too caught up in your stats like me. You’ll be amazed at how much time and focus it takes from you.
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