Well, I’m reporting back to everyone about my experiment with synchronizing Evernote via the Spideroak cloud servive, which is a service that encrypts your data before it leaves your PC, thus in theory making your data secure (a concept called Zero Knowledge).

In theory this works real well (see my workflow in my earlier post). I was able to upload the Evernote folder from two laptops then I set up the sync between the two.

The next step was to use Evernote as usual. The difference is that I created a notebook and set it up as a local notebook, thus it would not sync with the Evernote servers. I added some notes to the local notebook as well as the cloud notebooks, and closed Evernote.

Spideroak detected the change and initiated the Evernote sync I had established where it would upload the changed files in the Evernote folder and then in turn download them unto the second laptop when I opened it up.

The process works fine (well, in a way). However here is one issue I have with it:
The current size of the Evernote files that needed to be sync’d is about 200 MB’s for now and it is growing. It took a couple of hours for the sync process to complete. So if you have to use Evernote on your second laptop, you would have to wait until the sync is complete before doing so.

I wished Spideroak, updated only the changed portion of the files maybe that would make it more practical but I’m not sure if this is even possible..

Anyway, if anyone has any more suggestion, I’d love to hear from you. Thanks