I’m experimenting with a cloud storage/sync service called Spideroak. Which states that they use the “Zero Knowledge” of your data. Meaning that the data gets encrypted prior to getting updated or uploaded to the Spideroak servers.
Here’s my workflow.
1) Initiate a “first” backup of my Evernote folder off of on PC.
2) Establish a “sync” job with my other two PC’s, synchronizing the Evernote folder that is the backup on the Spideroak servers.
3) Anytime changes are made to either of the 3 PCs will get updated on the Spideroak servers and in turn synchronized again with the other two PC.

Since I’m still in the experimental stage, I imagine one of the potential issues is going to be that might have to wait for the sync to complete before using the other PC’s…
Please stay tuned.
In a few days I’ll provide everyone with the results of this experiment.