Marc and Kenneth,

I have heard the Evernote guys say that if it is something you wouldn’t put in email, then don’t put it in Evernote. I try to keep that in mind. Frankly, if somebody accesses my cable bill, it doesn’t really matter. More sensitive stuff, I encrypt before dumping it into Evernote. I’ve been using these tools:


I’ve had my eye on one of the Synology devices for a while, Kenneth. They look pretty sweet. The nice thing about uploading your stuff to Evernote is that your images and documents get OCR’d by their servers, making search more useful.

If their servers are scanning my stuff to show me offers, that’s not great, but it’s no different than what Gmail does now with my messages. I get enough out of Evernote to make it worth it, but I recognize that it is a personal decision, and respect those who don’t feel comfortable with that.