Hi Kenneth,

you are raising interesting points, thank you.

Know what? I purchased a NAS device in 2009 and I must say I’m not fully using it. My humble opinion is that I can’t compare to Evernote featurewise (iPhone native support, image parsing, etc).

I see where you are comming from, it is quite scary that all of the sudden TSA can simply decide they want to see your data regardless of your opinion. Is it worth jeopardizing your documents for just iPhone native suport or image recognition… Buh, good question.

I didn’t know the world Kluge, I had to look it up ;) frankly, I don’t like being forced to fumble around with geeky stuff in my leaisure time. What I’ve set up in order to be a little confident with my data and Evernote is a huge KLUGE and I don’t like it. Not to mention that now a days, since it is sooo complicated to get started, I rarely use Evernote anymore.

It is a pity, really. Evernote could have been become such a powerful tool for me, but I feel unconfortable about it. It makes me sad. I bet you that not many people have actually stopped and considered what they actually do with their data…