Hello there,

tricky question here.

I’m planning on migrating my home computer to a Mac. The question is, will I be in trouble with my truecrypt+dropbox+evernote thing? I understand that once my truecrypt container is mounted, all I get is a FAT or NTFS partition to the OS eyes, right?

Frankly, I find it such a shame that the end-user has to start fumbling around with this geek stuff. I’m disappointed with Evernote and I’m on the look for some secure alternative.

I will not renew my Evernote premium subscription this time. Not to mention how much time I’ve wasted already with this and how much this puts me off when intending to use Evernote as it has became rather un-natural. Moreover, my files are not available on my iPhone which is also a shame (that I can live with though).