Klaus and Evan,

Thanks for this thread. I had not heard of sparsebundles. Let me pose a question:

I want to put a secure “disk” in the cloud. A Truecrypt container in a Dropbox folder works, but the container, to be useful, would be say 100MB (and better 1GB). Even a 50KB file change in the container invokes a sync of the whole 100MB (or 1GB) file, right? Truecrypt does not use bundling tech, right?

Also, I work on Macs and PCs (not so much Unix anymore) so I want cross platform support. Thus, a sparsebundle solution that is PC friendly would be outstainding.

The other way to go is USB flash drive. This seems eminently more manageable. Start with a truecrypt container on the stick, open anywhere.

Don’t much care for trusting a cloud vendor with my stuff. Even if they’re careful, they could be sold.

Thanks again.