Great review Bobby- this was totally helpful. You may have just sold me on giving it a try.

I’ve been waiting forever for a project/task management program with an interface that doesn’t make me dizzy and nauseous. As a creative professional who still maintains a tight system of organization for my life and work, I’ve been waiting for a program like this that allows me see my work in a way that makes sense to me. This program comes really close to the mark.

The key features that have held myself and my organization back from immediately subscribing are:

1.) Mobile accessibility. Blackberry app??? And for that matter, droid app, etc. Yeah, BB is not the creative user phone of choice, but its pigeon hole-ing to limit your product’s full functionality to only those who both have AT&T AND can stand not having actual buttons to type on.

2.) Calendar integration. I need my tasks to pop up in my Google calendar. NEED it. I have overlooked so many task management programs in the past that refuse to do this. With this program, it would make so much sense to do and should be really easy for the user to get used to if it is- you can already assign not only due dates but time allotted for an action step as well. Plus, the events feature- if you can make an action step double as an event, it can log straight into your calendar. And in case the developers hadn’t considered this yet, (wink wink), one way to actually cover BB and many other non-iPhone users, in a mobile sense, is syncing with google calendar! If you just allow the tasks and events to pop up on the calendar, I can see them on my blackberry- which syncs with my google calendar! So even if I don’t have an app on my phone for the program, I can still see what I need to on the road.

3.) What Simon was saying about sub-projects. Ditto. If I’m working on planning a large event, there are many many components to that project which fall under certain categories. For example, even just booking a DJ. The project being “Plan Event” should have a sub-project “Find DJ”, which should logically include action steps such as “Research DJ’s”, “Call DJ X”, “Compare DJ Prices”, “Negotiate w/ DJ X”, etc. etc. Otherwise the scope of the action step is really too big to actually be actionable. Some of those action steps there could actually be broken down further into sub-projects. The best design, functionally, for this program, would allow you to have a project that breaks down into as many sub-projects and corresponding action steps as you like. When every action step from a sub-project is done, that sub-project becomes a finished component of the project. When all sub-projects are completed, the project is completed- and stored in the completed projects section of the site, so you can go back and look at work you’ve done later on. Design wise, they could break it down into a view that will give you the project at top, and a cascading series of levels, webbed together allowing you to delve deeper into each. Something like a flow diagram visually, but really it’s a set of logical folders of projects and their corresponding action steps.

Everything else, designers, I love it- great work development team. I feel for the first time that this is a project management tool that has the potential to grow into the program I’ve been waiting for, that I need, and could finally replace the crazy, time consuming system I have been using in it’s stead. I’m going to give it a shot and use the labeling system you recommended Bobby (although it’s going to be a pain in the butt!), and see how long I can last without being able to access my work list away from my computer (I can only imagine what the online portion of this looks like from a blackberry browser).