Thanks for the awesome reviews. I’m also passionate about productivity systems and software, and it’s been handy to have you pioneer ahead of me, designing logical GTD implementations and discerning pros from cons for several potential software solutions. Your reviews are fantastic.

1. I’ve now read a fair number and auditioned several of the programs, but so far they all lack one key functionality that would greatly aid a GTD system. One of the brilliant innovations of GTD is natural planning, and while these on-line solutions all provide a way to list projects and effective ways to treat Next Actions Steps, none of them connect these two functions.

How cool would it be to click on a project and enter a list of actions steps you’ll likely have to take to complete the project? Then, when you cross an item off a list, all you have to do is move the next step into the appropriate context.

Your commenters have been remarkably astute, and when I read between the lines, a lot of the comments seem to be asking for this functionality.

2. Some people have asked about grocery lists. I’ve given up doing it as part of a GTD system. I found the program grocery IQ in the android market and so far that’s done what I needed. As a bonus I can enter items by scanning their barcode. All I put in for an action item is “Grocery Shop.”