Hi Evan,

I’m Chris from JS-Kit!

Thanks for such a thorough review of Echo and other tools in the space!

Just to address some of your dislikes…

As you noted, we have considerably sped up our service and our goal is to make it lighting fast all the time.

Also regarding look+feel, our support team at http://support.js-kit.com would be glad to help you heavily customize Echo to suit your needs – almost everything can be overridden using some CSS and JavaScript and our community can help you work out the scripting.

Regarding your usability concerns, I would very much like to learn your thoughts on how we can improve usability – we are working on this every day!

Also – I’d be happy to comp you a copy of Echo for free for taking the time to share your thoughts with us :)

Just drop me an email to chris@js-kit.com and I will make it happen.