I just wanted to add my voice to the chorus of thanks so far. Im in awe of your organisational abilities. My own system is non existent and I arrived at your blog by means of a curious sequence of events.

I purchased my first smartphone.
Next I went looking for a shopping list app
I stumbled across evernote as one of the few apps which also has an iphone version since I have an android and my wife has an iphone. From there I read about gtd and the tickler system and I am excited about the possibility of becoming a much more organized and efficient person – something which so far is sadly lacking in my professional and personal life.

So suddenly I am WAAAY past shopping lists.

I am hoping you might lend some insights to my situation … a complete and utter noob to any note taking app or gtd system.

While your system makes sense – it is also a bit daunting to someone like me. Would you recommend evernote or another app to start with? Since I’d be adopting it at work also a desktop pc version would be desirable on top of an android version.

I am not keen on spending the effort setting up a new system only to find everyone “in the know” has moved on to a better and more functional alternative.
On the other hand … I’m not yet ready to fork out money for something I may …. being brutally self-honest …. give up on within a month. Having said that – the tickler system REALLY appeals to me.

Futher to the note taking app recommendation , can you suggest a simplified “beginners” folder/tag system to start with? How did YOU get started?