Hi Michael,

I’m glad you found the article useful!

To answer your almost-question, I moved toward other applications for two reasons:

1. I just like setting up systems in tech, bending it to my will and all that. It’s fun for me. :)

2. Evernote just doesn’t provide the automation I need. This isn’t a flaw of Evernote, the system is sound, and it is a nice bridge between paper and tech GTD — I just really, -really- need reminders and calendar integration. A lot…

For the actual questions:

1. I use the free version of Evernote. I’ve never had a need to do more. In fact, all of the systems I have put together for 40Tech are free. It is entirely possible that I am a cheap basitch… :P

2. I don’t know a way offhand to port ListPro to Evernote. My first thought was to open the file in Excel and do a bit of fancy VBscripting to mail the contents of each individual line to your Evernote email address. Not sure if that’s overthinking it or not.

I found a few possible scripts that might be modified, but it might be more work than you bargain for. Let me know if you want me to pass on the links I was looking at.

There are several mentions of Palm Notes and Evernote on the EN forum. A few people have even put together scripts/tools to facilitate a transfer. That could be useful as well, as a starting point, or if you can convert the information to Notes first.

The most likely possibility, I think, is to find an application that will import your note info, and has a sync connection to Evernote. You might want to try ToodleDo. It is a good application for task management in its own right (though I can’t stand the interface), and it connects to many things, including Evernote. It also allows import by CSV file, if you can convert your text file to one.

Both Producteev and Springpad support mailing notes in as well, by the by.

I hope this was helpful to you!