Hi Bobby-
Thanks for this article. And now I am going to read your other articles about Producteev and Springpad. (I assume you say why you tried something else, but if you don’t, I’ll come back with that question.) For now, I am trying your system with Evernote. Couple questions.

1. It appears that you could follow your system with the free version of Evernote. Did you use the free or paid version?

I have a lot of tasks in an old to-do list program (ListPro for Palm) and am trying to import them into Evernote to use in both the desktop and iPhone apps. But I can’t figure out how to mass import each record/row (list item) in the file I export from ListPro (tab delimited text file) as one note into Evernote. I obviously can import the whole list as one note, but each record is it’s own next action.

2. Do you know of any way to import a list of tasks and make each row/record/task a separate individual note in Evernote?

If you don’t, I’ll head over to the Evernote forums.

Thanks again for your article!