Hi Arnold, that’s close, but not quite it — though what you listed would work the same way.

The set up is more like this:

– Tickler

–> Days
—-> 01
—-> 02
—-> 03
—-> 04
—-> …
—-> 31

–> Months
—-> 01-January
—-> 02-February
—-> …
—-> 12-December

You file things that you want to tickle you by month.

When the appropriate month arrives, you sort through that month’s items during a scheduled review, deciding what days you would like to be tickled on for each item, and then dragging those items to the appropriate day tag(s).

When finished, you check your Tickler day tags daily as a part of your routine.

The reason I didn’t add the days to each month was that doing so invites you to add a scheduled day to each item you put in to the tickler, which is over-processing something that is meant to be a vague reminder, adding time to each item, as opposed to a once per month scheduled processing point.

There are more complex ways of setting this up via saved searches and the like that may allow for less dragging about and deleting/moving when done, but I find this method to be easily set up, organized, and more tactile, which actually helps things to move forward, as opposed to getting lost. That said, you should adapt this to best suit your personal workflow, needs, and habits.