Hey Bobby

This is Arnold again; I love the suggestion you made and I have been working hard to set up the system in my laptop. It is almost ready, except that I to ASK YOU about the Tickler File. I understand and I agree with the reasoning behind, but because I love this whole Idea so much I am trying to understand a little more on how to set it up. You said:

“All you need is a tag that is sub-tagged with each month, and a tag called Days that is sub-tagged from 1-31. You toss the items into the appropriate month, and when that month comes along, you review your tickler items and either set them up in the Next Action lists or drag them to the best corresponding day in the Days sub-tags.”


I am supposed to:

1. Create A MONTH TAG and under it create 12 SUB TAGS (one sub tag for each month?

2. For each 12 sub tags I then create A DAYS TAG which is SUB TAGGED about 31 times (one for each day of the month?)

3. Check TICKLER FILE everyday? (to make sure I am not forgetting something.)

Sorry for all these questions, but I really love everything about this system and I want to implement it.

Have a great day