Hi! I realise I’m VERY late to the party, but I wanted to thank you for this great article.

I stumbled across GTD and Evernote completely by chance when I innocently looked for a note taking app to replace the boring looking default one on my iPhone. I settled for Awesome Note because, in addition to creating notes with really pretty backgrounds, it also has a To Do list function, thus replacing my shopping list app, which I had begun to also use as a very basic To Do list. I’m a big fan of leanness and efficiency, so having one app do the job of two appealed to me, and if this one app has more features than the two it replaces then even better. Or so I thought.

The more I explored the app the more intrigued I became by the possibilities of being able to turn a quickly jotted down “note” into a To Do (with reminder/alarm), a calendar entry, a photo/album (with optional map) or a diary entry, simply by changing the view and assigning a due date. Some reviews mentioned it being “GTD-friendly” and syncing with Evernote and some further googling led me to your article, which opened my eyes to both GTD and Evernote. I had heard about them before, but never bothered to look into what they could do for me. After reading your article I finally did.

I’m a fairly well organised person by nature and instinctively did many of the things GTD preaches, but being able to visualise them and getting them out of my head an on to (virtual) paper so I don’t have to worry about keeping track of them really helped to de-stress my life. My set-up is a bit different to yours since, although the functions are similar, the interface of Awesome Note is quite different to that of Evernote (e.g. I use folders instead of tags for my next actions). But the principle is similar as the app only allows for one note book, while you can have as many folders as you like.

In short, your article has truly helped to change the way I work and organise my life for the better and I wanted to thank you for that!