Bobby, a Thank You is simply not enough!

I’ve been trying to get my head around GTD for over a year and getting frustrated and giving up. This year however I found myself with 6 clients all with multiple projects and I was realizing exactly how dis-organized my organizing skills were.

Since I already was using ActiveInbox for Gmail (formerly GTD-Gmail) and Evernote as a research repository, I used this article of yours to finally get rid of all the crazy notebooks in Evernote and convert everything to tags. By the time you had me creating the Reference/Filing Cabinet … it all snapped into place. FINALLY! I get it now! OMG Brilliant!

I’m sure I’ll have to adapt everything to my own workflow since I’m a graphic/web/copywriter guy and I sometimes work on projects with partners and create shared mood-boards in Evernote for Clients to access, but you finally pointed me in the right direction!

Thanks Uber-bunches :-D