@Tim: great point and I hope I can help help shed some light here as well. For some time, I was convinced that Evernote was simply for reference. I couldn’t see how it could be used for GTD, notwithstanding several blog posts. I’ve used Toodledo for quite some time, and on the iPad, I used ToDo as it integrates. Then … I downloaded Egretlist. It makes so much sense!! Egretlist recognizes your tags in Evernote.

So, I create a task for a project: “Request sales figures from Admin Assistant.”. I tag it in Egretlist with @waiting for, #Admin &.Project A. After the task is completed, I check it off in Egretlist. The cool part is that back in Evernote, I get the big picture of not just my activities, but a complete record of everything I’ve done.

As a bonus, what I really like is that it integrates with your iPad, iPhone, iPod calendar … Which integrates with my work Exchange calendar. Not too bad!!