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Energize Your Sleep With Pzizz

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Today, 40Tech is pleased to present a guest post from Oscar Del Ben from the Freestyle Mind.

pzizzlogo Pzizz is a program that lets you relax your body and take both short and long naps. I was introduced to this program more than a year ago by a friend, and I have used it extensively ever since. How pzizz works is very simple- you choose from a list of bundles (energizer, meditation, sleep), select options that you want, lay down on your bed or a chair, and enjoy a deep state of relaxation.

pzizz 1 I’m personally very interested in sleep patterns and effectiveness and I’ve tried different scenarios, from sleeping a lot to sleeping only a few hours per night. Now I have established myself on a sleep pattern of seven to eight hours per night, plus a short nap in the afternoon if I have the opportunity. Although the number of sleeping hours largely depends on you, I’ve found that the quality of sleep can dramatically improve the rest of your awaking hours. It makes sense for me to sleep one hour more per night and be fully awake for the rest of the day, instead of cutting back on sleep and feeling tired during the day. There are several ways to improve your sleep quality, raging from meditation to relaxation techniques and diet, but those take time (I mean years) and dedication to produce noticeable results. Pzizz is the solution to this; thanks to its combination of different sounds, it makes your mind and muscles relax to the point where it is easy to fall into your bed and dream. What I like more about pzizz is that it lets you tweak its settings and create your own personal tracks based on your needs. For example, I prefer to use only stereo with no voice when I take naps. I also have a personal track for whenever I need more than 20 minutes of napping; in fact you can choose from 10 to 90 minutes of time. When the track is finished, the program will automatically wake you up with a slight change in the tone of the music.  This has always been enough to wake me up full of energy for as long as I’ve used it, but if you think that the music change would not be enough for you, there’s also a normal clock alarm sound sequence at the end of each track. pzizz 2 Energizer bundle Taking naps is a powerful technique to gain an extra boost to your productivity in a short period of time. The common problem with taking naps is that you need time to enter into the proper state of mind where your body is completely relaxed. With pzizz this problem is solved because the combination of sounds it provides will make you enter that state of mind within only a few minutes, and sometimes within only a minute. A twenty minute nap with pzizz is what I usually take to break from the outside world and relax my body in the afternoon. I usually never remember dreams when I sleep, but with pzizz I always remember them even for short naps.  This is a big win for your body. pzizz 3 Sleep The other bundle I use is the sleep bundle. Unlike with naps, this one lets your body relax slowly, with short sequences of sounds. I usually start the track when I go to bed and forgot about it within a few minutes. With the sleep bundle you can choose a time that varies from fifteen to sixteen minutes and unlike the nap module, you’ll not have a clock alarm at the end. I personally recommend that you try the whole sixteen minutes of time to fall into a deep state of relaxation, both mental and physical. Pzizz is not a free product and it works in both Mac OS X and Windows. At the time of this writing it costs $59.95 for both the energizer and sleep bundles, but I think it is worth the money for what it does. Anyway, don’t take my words for granted- go to their site and download a free version and decide for yourself if it’s worth it or not before paying. I’m sure that after a few days of adaptation you’ll be very satisfied with it.

oscar_del_ben Bio: Oscar Del Ben is a personal development blogger, programmer and entrepreneur. He likes challenges and he is always looking for ways to improve and tweak his life. You can find his blog here, or subscribe to his RSS feeds here.