Evan – thanks for visiting The Casual Observer. We're in a bit of a transition phase – lots of good stuff coming.

Interesting concept for your blog. I'm not over 40 (I'm 34) but I'm sure I'll be back.

I can get by without internet for probably 36-48 hours if my life depends on it – and I have a “dumb” cell phone (but with cell phone updates, so I know whenever Troy Tulowitzki of the Rockies get a hit).

I worked at my company's corp HQ for 5 years before getting a teleworking opportunity back in 2002. At corp HQ, I worked in a building with 5000 tech folks … now I work with about 20 people, none of who are tech. On the bright side, I'm a valued resource :) People's eyes tend to glaze over a bit when I talk about wireless router security, though …

As far as books – Kindle just seems so expensive. I'd rather spend that money a hundred used paperbacks :)