I am in love with DropBox. I am running so many neat pieces of free software it is hard to know where to begin, but a couple that come to mind are Digsby (multi-service instant messenger that also has full two way access with Facebook, Twitter and other social media – http://www.digsby.com), and Notepad++, which is much like Crimson Editor by the sounds of things. TVersity is also full of awesomeness — you can use TVersity to stream digital media content From your computer to pretty much anywhere, including your xBox 360 and PS3. It even transcodes files that are not of the appropriate filetype for those mediums. There is a pro version as well that is available for free download — they offer it on a trust basis: if you continue using the added features (which involve streaming content off the net from YouTube, Hulu, etc.,), they trust that you will send them the money. They don't bug you about it — they just appeal to your good nature and sense of honour in the beginning and let things fall as they may.