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Tag Archives: Windows 7

Producteev Gets a Massive Upgrade: Android App, Windows Desktop App, and an All Around Makeover

Producteev, one of our favourite  — and one of the best — to-do apps, has released a massive upgrade that includes some long-awaited features and platform updates. The web and iPhone apps have gotten a makeover, the much clamoured-for Android app has finally arrived, and there is now a Windows 7 desktop app to balance out the Mac version. Even the logo has been updated (bye bye Tasky the beaver)!

To top it all off, Producteev has added a few new features into the mix — and yes (drumroll), that does include sub-tasks…

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How to enable Telnet on Windows 7

Telnet is an old outdated protocol that is used for remote command line administration on various devices such as Cisco routers. I would recommend the use of SSH over Telnet in any circumstance; however I still find the Telnet command useful for testing mail servers and for checking open TCP ports.

Follow these instructions to enable Telnet on Windows 7.

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Quickly Move Windows With Chameleon Window Manager [Windows]

Windows 7 has some handy windows management functions, such as dragging a window to the left side of the screen to have it snap to fill the entire left half of your screen, or dragging it to the top of the screen to fill the entire screen. If you want even more functionality, whether it be on Windows 7, XP, or Vista, check out Chameleon Window Manager.

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Free Up Space By Deleting Windows 7 SP1 Backup Files

Yesterday, we asked you how much disk space you’ve used up on your system. On a Windows 7 PC, some of that space can be taken up by Service Pack 1 backup files that you might never need. When you install Service Pack 1 for Windows 7, it creates backup files in case you have problems and ever need to uninstall the service pack. You can remove them, though, if you want to. Here’s how.

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Simplify Your Desktop for Peaceful Productivity

Lately, I’ve been upping my productivity game. I love GTD, and I’ve been pretty successful at making tech like Evernote,Springpad, and Producteev work for me, but I still find that I have a tendency to get bogged down by clutter and distraction. A cluttered desktop doesn’t support a creative or efficient mindset very well, so I spent a little time sortinghiding the clutter with a tool Evan introduced to me called Fences. That helped, but something was missing — and I had absolutely no idea what that was. I tweaked, I fiddled, and messed about with different settings, but nothing seemed ring that proverbial gong for me. Nothing, that is, until I discovered Minimal Wall.

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Personalize Your Windows 7 Experience: Hidden Themes

Windows 7 is likely the best operating system Microsoft has ever put out. Oh, I’m sure some of you die-hards out there will still swear up and down that it’s Windows 98, 2000, or even 3.1 — and you Mac folk can just go ahead and tamp down on those comments bubbling to the surface of your elitist brains right about now — but when you consider the mix of power, beauty, and function, Billy Gates and crew have finally hit the sweet-spot with their latest OS.

One of the greatest things about Windows 7 is the customizability; there are a lot of different things that you can do with it to improve your overall user experience. Some of those things are fairly obvious, and some are a bit of a surprise, but many can be done quickly and easily, even by the non-techie, sometimes with the help of a handy tool or two. This series focuses on some tweaks for personalizing your own Windows 7 setup with as little fuss as possible. Let’s start off with the hidden themes that are just hanging about in your Windows folder.


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Restore Abandoned Windows Features With Classic Shell

Do you miss the “up” button in Windows Explorer, now that you’ve moved on to Vista or Windows 7? Or maybe you just appreciate the look and feel of the Windows XP start menu? If you want to bring back a long-lost Windows feature, chances are that you can restore it with Classic Shell.

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Extend Your Taskbar to Multiple Monitors With ZBar

The Windows taskbar is a bit like the command center for your computing experience.  At its most basic level you can use it to quickly launch applications, and also to toggle between open programs with one click.  One shortcoming of the native Windows taskbar, though, is in its support for multiple monitors.  While there are some paid options available to remedy this, check out ZBar for a free solution.

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Tweak Everything with Windows 7 God Mode

We tech geeks love to discover hidden features in our tech toys.  And we love it even more those hidden features are actually useful.  An Easter egg that has been making the rounds among Windows 7 users is Windows 7 "God Mode."  At its simplest level, what Windows 7 God Mode does is simple – it puts a myriad of configuration options at your fingertips, in one list.  Beyond that, users have discovered additional "god modes" that open up more Windows 7 configuration options.  Read on for more on God Mode.

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5 Needed Improvements in Windows 7

Earlier, we discussed 5 compelling reasons to upgrade to Windows 7.  Windows 7 is a big step up from Windows Vista, with several compelling features, but it isn’t perfect.  While there are no deal breakers, there are a few spots where Windows 7 could use some improvement.  Here are a few of them.  I’m sure there are more, so let us know in the comments if you have any ideas for how to improve Windows 7 (and no, "get a Mac" doesn’t count). 

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