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Tag Archives: social networks

A Sneak Peak at Google Me?

Google is thought to be preparing its own social network, called “Google Me” by some.  Smarterware recently published a slideshow from a senior research at Google, that might give us a glimpse at what to expect from Google Me.  The slideshow focuses on how our social networking needs differ among different groups of friends.

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What Would It Take to Get You to Leave Facebook for Google Me?

The founder of Digg, Kevin Rose, tweeted that Google is preparing its own social network, Google Me. Rose deleted that Tweet, leaving some people wondering if he had been forced to retract it. Later, on Leo Laporte’s This Week in Tech, Rose repeated the assertion. Then, SF Weekly and a former Facebook executive also confirmed that their sources had provided the same information. We don’t normally like to traffic in the rumor business here at 40Tech, but our previous concerns over Facebook’s privacy problems make this one particularly interesting. If this is true, can Google mount a credible challenge to Facebook’s dominance?

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