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Calculating Dates When Automating OmniFocus

A few days ago, I wrote about my first attempt at using the new and improved automation features in OmniFocus for iOS. In that attempt, I used Editorial to create a Taskpaper-formatted template that prompted me for dates. Those dates would carry over as due dates in an OmniFocus project. I’ve since tweaked that template, so that it flags the tasks, and automatically calculates defer dates based on the due dates.

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OmniFocus iOS Automation – First Look

UPDATE (2016-05-01): I’ve updated this template to calculate defer dates, add flags to tasks, and make the project parallel instead of sequential. You can find the updated template to download, along with an explanation, in this post.

The Omni Group released a new version of OmniFocus for iOS yesterday. That version dramatically improved automation in OmniFocus for iOS, adding support for two-way communication with other iOS apps. This was irresistible for me, so I dove in, albeit at a very basic level.

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Voicemail to OmniFocus, via Keyboard Maestro

voicemail to omnifocus with keyboard maestro

Like many of you, I get deluged with voicemail messages, which is almost like a double whammy, because our phone system sends my voicemail messages to my email inbox. I’ve recently come up with a way to create a new OmniFocus task that contains the date and time of a voicemail message, allowing me to sort my messages in OmniFocus based on the time received. The OmniFocus task also contains a link back to the voicemail message (but see below for a glitch that may be unique to my phone system).

I put this system together thanks to Keyboard Maestro. I’m barely competent with Keyboard Maestro, but I was able to pilfer bits and pieces of other macros (and an AppleScript) from the Keyboard Maestro forums, and couple it with a good deal of tinkering.

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Apple Watch – the Ultimate OmniFocus Capture Tool

I’ve been progressing through the MacSparky OmniFocus Video Field Guide, which has giving me some “ah-ha” moments. I’d already known how to use Siri and the Reminders app to get tasks into OmniFocus with my voice, but I’d fallen off the wagon and hadn’t used that method in months. When the Field Guide covered that method, it hit me like a ton of bricks – since you can add reminders to the Reminders app with your watch via Siri, you also can add tasks to OmniFocus the same way.

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OmniFocus 2 for iPad – First Screenshots and Release Date

Yep, that image you see above is a screenshot of OmniFocus 2 for iPad. OmniFocus has been my task management app of choice since early 2012. I use it on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. The Mac and iPhone versions have both received updates since I started using them, while the iPad version has been stuck with the “old look.” The bigger drawback of the current iPad version, aside from the look, is the lack of background sync. That means that the app currently only updates when it is active. Read more

Universal Search In OmniFocus

Sometimes I complete tasks almost unintentionally, in a reactive manner. Someone might call me on the phone, for example, and the conversation takes care of a task that I had previously set up as an action in OmniFocus. I then need to hunt down the action to mark it as complete. If you use the OmniFocus search box, your search would only search the Perspective currently in focus. I wanted to create a quick and easy way to perform a universal search, so I could find my tasks more easily.

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OmniFocus 2 Link Roundup

Yes, I’m linking to a linked post. But this one is chock full of good links to reviews, screencasts, tips, and more for the recently released OmniFocus 2.

The Big OmniFocus 2 For Mac Round-Up | SimplicityBliss

OmniFocus Template for Final Cut Pro X

Omnifocus and final cut pro

I’ve recently gotten back into video editing, using Final Cut Pro X on my Mac. I was having a hard time keeping my workflow straight when I had several edits going on at once. Had I remembered to add a title? Had I rendered the Master File? Had I archived the library? Was it safe to delete the files? Over the past few weeks, I’ve been refining my workflow into an OmniFocus template that I use as a checklist when I edit video.

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OmniFocus on Android

It’s not an official client, but the screenshots make this look promising. If this works, and if it had been around 18 months ago, I might have stayed with Android. But probably not.

OmniFocus Android Client | SimplicityBliss

OmniFocus 2 For Mac Perspective Icons

If you’re in the OmniFocus 2 for Mac public beta test, check out some new Perspective icons by Josh Hughes. They look great and fit in nicely with the new UI of OmniFocus 2, and they’re free.

OmniFocus 2 Perspective Icons