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Tag Archives: Music

So Much For the Theory That Artists Get Pennies From Streaming Music Services

I’ve heard it repeated many times that artists make no money from services like Pandora. I guess that is incorrect- at least in some situations.

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Import Your iTunes Playlists into Rdio With Trnsmit

o you have a ton of carefully crafted playlists in iTunes, and are hopping onto the streaming music bandwagon. You probably don’t want to recreate those playlists by hand. If Rdio is your streaming music service of choice, you can get your playlists into Rdio with a third party web app, Trnsmit.

Read more vs. Two Fantastic Online Music Communities and are both social music web apps. They allow you to listen to music online, and turn that listening into a social experience. They have some notable differences, though. Which is right for you? This comparison might help you to decide.

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Get an Invitation to the Google Music Beta

While Spotify is the music service that is getting all of the press these days, Google’s own music service is up and running. In typical Google fashion, Google Music is currently in Beta. Google Music is not a subscription service, and doesn’t offer a catalog of music. Instead, it is a free service to which you upload the songs that you already own. You can then stream them to a web browser, or to the free Android app. The app also caches music, to support offline play. We’ve got 4 invitations to give away. Read on for details on how to score one.

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Quick, Get Your Invitation to Try Spotify For Free

Spotify invitations are now hard to come by (or so I’m told), but as of the posting of this article, you can get one, thanks to Coca Cola. Just follow the link below. I tried it, and have been playing around with Spotify for the last hour or so.

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The No.1 Reason I Won’t Be Using Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon recently launched its Cloud Drive service offering users 5 GB of free online storage, with very competitive plans that essentially amount to yearly subscriptions of $1/GB, going up as high as 1000 GB. When combined with the Amazon Cloud Player (US-only), which allows you stream your music files from any computer or Android device, and doesn’t count Amazon MP3 purchases against your subscription limit, the Amazon Cloud Drive seems like one hell of a deal! The Amazon servers are some of the best out there, and unlike services like Microsoft’s SkyDrive, there are no limitations as to what can be uploaded as long as you own the files and their contents, don’t violate any laws by storing them, and agree not to upload anything that could be potentially dangerous.

All very reasonable and expected, no? Be a law-abiding and conscientious citizen, use the service responsibly, and you’re golden, right? Right – unless you enjoy the possibility of your privacy being infringed upon at the whim of a large corporation.


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YouTube Remixed, Remastered, Re-channelled ThruYou

We’ve all watched music on YouTube, whether it was someone performing, someone teaching, or someone just goofing around. The site has so much content on it that sorting through it all would be more than a full time job. Kutiman had a vision, though — a vision that took multiple unrelated videos, distilled them into perfectly matching clips, and mixed them all together to create entirely new tracks. It’s amazing! A little insane, too… But the body of work that he has put out since 2009 may literally smash your mind into little pieces if you think about it too hard.

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30 Days of Roc (and Some Free iTunes Gift Cards, Besides)

Late last spring, we talked about a tool that allowed you to make music right in your browserRoc was in alpha back then, and was still ironing out the kinks, but Aviary has been hard at work making their online music creator one of the easiest ways to knock out a loop. There are currently (as of this writing) 167,843 saved music creations on, and people have been using the tool to create everything from ringtones to full, multilayer tracks by combining Roc with Aviary’s audio editor (also free and online), Myna.

Aviary has decided to kick off 2011 with a bang, and are in the middle of what they are calling 30 Days of Roc, where they will release a new instrument pack every weekday for 30 days, adding 50 new instruments to their already expansive library. As with all of the instruments in Roc, the new sounds will be licensed under Creative Commons attribution, which means that they can be used even in commercial projects without costing the user a dime. Don’t you just love free stuff? Yeah? Well, then you’ll like the contests that they’re running alongside the instrument releases too!

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Experience the TÖKEN: Multitouch Gone Awesome

I’m a music nut. Are you a music nut? We’re all technology nuts, here — and when the two combine… well, let’s just say it makes me happy. This afternoon, my friend and fellow music/tech geek Eric — also known as my business partner — sent me something fantastic that I had to share with you. I want one! If you haven’t come across it already, allow me to introduce you to Töken, a “multitouch technology platform” that was made to bring live music performance to an entirely new level.

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FREE: Stream Music and Movies from Computer to iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch – and Access Files Too – with ZumoCast

If you want an easy way to stream media from your home computer to your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, and want it to be free, you’re going to want to check out ZumoCast. It appeared in the app store on September 8th, and it has been awesome ever since!

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