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Tag Archives: iOS

Photo Stream Finally Gets Useful and Allows Sharing [iOS]

When Photo Stream first came to iOS, it wasn’t too useful for anything other than moving your photos between devices. Photo Stream was an all or nothing deal – if you turned it on, all your most recent photos were synced between devices. At the outset, you couldn’t selectively sync photos, and you couldn’t share photos with anyone on a different iCloud account. That’s now changed.

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Know When It Will Rain, To the Minute, With Dark Sky [iOS]

There are many weather apps on the iOS platform. In the winter, I’m a weather geek, so I have several of them. One of the coolest ones out there is Dark Sky, which can tell you when it is going to rain, down to the minute.

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Turn Evernote Into a Journaling Tool With Ever Journal

Put this in the category of “interesting, although I’m not sure I’d use it.” If your whole life is in Evernote, and you also keep a journal, then you may want to check out Ever Journal Free For Evernote. The app lets you input journal entries, which are then sent into Evernote in a “My Journal” notebook.

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Google Chrome Explodes On To iOS, Puts Desktop Experience In Your Pocket

If you hadn’t already heard, Google Chrome for iPhone and iPad was released this week — and it promptly became the #1 free app on the app store. This is something that we’ve been waiting for with baited breath, and something that I, personally, was never sure would happen properly due to the rivalry between Apple and Google.

Have no doubt, though, it’s here — and it takes the best of Google Chrome’s desktop browser and jams it neatly and prettily into your pocket.

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Best Free Movie Apps

Even though rising industry costs are pushing tickets prices higher and higher, movies are still one of the cheapest forms of entertainment in America. There are tons of free apps that provide any kind of movie information you seek.

Whether you want to know what movies your favorite star is likely to appear in next or get recommendations on your next DVD rental, there’s an app for that. Here are a few free ones that will provide you with an instant movie fix on Android or iPhone.

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Print From Your iPhone or iPad to Any Printer, With Fingerprint [Windows/Mac]

One of the limitations of the iPad is that it normally can’t print to just any old printer. If you want to print from your iPad, you usually need an AirPrint compatible printer. If you’re like me, and bought your printer before Apple introduced AIrPrint, or if you just own a printer that isn’t AirPrint compatible, there is a way to print from your iPad to your current printer.

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Should This Android Lover Switch Back to iOS?

17 months ago I abandoned my iPhone and embraced Android. At the time, iOS was a much different operating system than it is today, and I had grown increasingly frustrated with its limitations. Now, I might be ready to move back to an iPhone. Should I?

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“Hack” iOS to Quickly Perform Tasks with Launch Center

If you’re an Android user who also has an iOS device, iOS’s simplicity can be frustrating. I remember when I first switched to Android, it suddenly made my iOS devices feel like Fisher-Price toys. In hindsight, that was a pretty snooty viewpoint. iOS’s simplicity is both a strength and a weakness. Still, it’s cool when something comes along that lets you feel like you’re customizing your iOS device. Launch Center, an app that lets you perform many tasks with two finger taps, is one such app.

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How to Get a Video From Your Android Device to Your iPhone or iPad, Without Cables

I’ve caved, and bought the new iPad. I’ve found it to be quite capable as a rudimentary photo and video editing tool. Due to the lack of a file system in iOS, though, getting videos from other devices onto it can be a bit problematic. Since I have an Android phone, that was one of the first problems that I wanted to solve. Here’s the method that I use, that could work for you, too.

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Which Crashes More, iOS or Android?

iOS is more stable than Android. Android’s open nature is a blessing and a curse, leading to a system that is much less stable.That’s what we hear at least, right? One study calls those assumptions into question, finding that iOS is more crash-prone than Android.

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