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Tag Archives: Gaming

Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition: Coming Soon to PC, Mac, iPad and Android

“Go for the Eyes, Boo, go for the eyes!” Does that evoke powerful memories from years ago? One of my favorite computer games ever was Baldur’s Gate. I remember many a late night fascinated with what seemed like a wide open D&D world, come to life. If you have similar memories, then hang on to your seat. Baldur’s Gate, one of the most decorated computer games ever, is making a comeback. This time you’ll be able to get your fill of the famed D&D computer RPG on your PC, Mac, iPad, or Android tablet, with some pretty cool enhancements, thanks to the upcoming Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition.

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5 Fresh Android Games Released in 2012

If you own an Android phone and love playing games on it, you’ve most likely already played all versions of Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja. Wanna try something new? Here are some fresh Android games released this year! They’re free, and we’re sure you’ll enjoy playing them.

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Console vs. PC: How Do You Roll With Your Games? [Reader Feedback]

Perhaps it doesn’t rise to the level of the PC vs. Mac religious war, but PC gamers and console gamers often express strong opinions about their platform of choice. While one platform isn’t inherently better than the other, each has its own strengths and weaknesses. Which do you prefer, and why?

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The iPhone 4S: a Revolution in Smartphone Gaming?

Although Apple’s new iPhone did not electrify either the media or the stock market quite so much as Apple might have hoped, it has certainly proved popular with their most vital audience: the consumers, who have made it the most successful iPhone launch ever, with 4 million sales already. It’s achieved worldwide success, including unprecedented penetration in the Chinese market.

Many people probably picked up the 4S for the Siri Personal Assistant, or the much-improved 8Mp camera, or just because it’s fun to have the very latest high-end phone. Hopefully they will sooner or later appreciate the true power of this new handset, which goes far beyond what we’ve come to expect in smartphones, particularly in several areas crucial to gaming: notably processor power, graphics chip, and the possibilities unlocked by the iCloud and AirPlay services.

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Games in Google+ are Here – Once Again, Google Seems to Get It

One of the biggest bitches for me when it comes to Facebook is the way it handles social gaming. Yes, social gaming can be fun, and the quest to get the most points, coin, trophies, et al has its satisfying moments — but the constant invitations, notifications, and culling of said items from my Facebook stream is annoying as hell. I know I’m not alone in that sentiment, either. Google+ is jumping in to the games space today, and I’m happy to report that they, once again, appear to have gotten it right.

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A 40Tech Gaming Night – Are You Interested?

I don’t know about you, but my gaming time is pretty limited nowadays. When I do game with others online, I don’t want to join in with a bunch of griefers, cheaters, and immature players. Where then can I look for some like-minded players? Well, here at 40Tech, we’ve got a great community, with many mature commenters and friends. Perhaps some of you would like to do some gaming, in the right environment, and with the right game and platform? If so, let’s set up a time that we can game together.

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Random Tech Video: Canada Day/4th of July Edition

Welcome to another long-weekend edition of 40Tech (Canada Day today and the 4th of July on, well… the 4th). To commemorate this joyous occasion, we present you with yet another 40Tech Random Tech Video(s)! We hope you enjoy it (them), enjoy your day, and enjoy the hell out of you long weekend. Cheers! :D

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Relive Your Childhood, and Play the King’s Quest Series, For Free [Windows, Mac]

If you grew up in the 80′s, do you remember games like Space Quest, Leisure Suit Larry, and perhaps the best of them all, King’s Quest? They were games from the legendary, and now defunct, Sierra Entertainment. If you long for the fun of yesteryear, then you’re in luck. You can now play the first three King’s Quest Games if you own a Mac or PC. The best part? They’re free.

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Why I Killed Angry Birds for Chrome [App of the Week]

I hated this app. Not because it wasn’t fun, and not because there was something wrong with it — no, no, none of that. It was because it called to me in the middle of the night, squawking at me softly, compellingly; demanding that I play it over and over again until the wee hours before the dawn. Even now, as I write this, the little red bird that promotes the game’s evil is peeking at me with his sinister cartoony eyes, poking his head around the left-most edge of my Evernote window.

I couldn’t allow it. Angry Birds for Chrome messed with my productivity mojo – and this is why the Birds had to die.


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Gamers: Pick Who You Play With on [Get Beta Codes Here]

For most of us, our time is valuable. For the gamers among us, it can be frustrating to get online and end up in a game with griefers, idiots, or worse. Wouldn’t it be great if you could join or even set up games with like-minded players? PlayerMatching, an online video game matchmaking site, allows you to do just that. We’ve got some beta codes, below, to put you at the top of the invite list for the PlayerMatching beta.

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