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Tag Archives: File Sharing

Share Files on Your Mac With a Simple Drag and Drop, With Dockdrop [App of the Week]

Do you ever have to upload a file to share with someone? You could do this with Dropbox, which is one of our favorite apps, but then you need to make sure that your recipient has a Dropbox account. If you want a dead simple way to share a file, take a look at Dockdrop. When properly configured, Dockdrop allows you to drag a file to the Dockdrop icon on your Mac’s dock, which will trigger an upload to your preset destination, and then copy the file’s location to your clipboard. From there, it is simply a matter of pasting your clipboard contents (such as into an email message) to retrieve the file location.

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Kicksend – An Easy Way to Send Large Files

Most email services place a limit on the size of attachments, which can make sending larger files a bit difficult. File sending services abound to get around this limit. One of the easier ones we’ve seen – as long as you don’t mind registering for an account – is Kicksend. Kicksend allows you to send large files for free, although the limitations are different depending on whether you use the web client or the desktop client. While you have to register for an account to use Kicksend, your recipients do not.

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Google Turns On the Torrent Censor

In December of 2010, Google announced that it was planning to make “copyright work better online.” One of those steps was to remove “terms that are closely associated with piracy” from autocompletes, making it slightly more difficult for those looking for ways to find less than legit files to use their service. It seems that Google has made good on its promise, removing several search terms — and portions of search terms — from both autocomplete and Google Instant.

While some may cheer this move on Google’s part, there are several parties who are finding this censorship to be unfair.

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AirDropper: An Easy Way to Request Files — and Have Them Sent Straight to Your Dropbox

Recently, we talked a bit about, an extraordinarily easy way to send files to people without having to talk them through how to receive them. But what if you are the one who needs a file sent to you, and you want to make it as easy as possible to get that request taken care of? You could explain to people (it really is easy), or you could be a bit more direct and use the tool that one of our readers brought to our attention: AirDropper. After all, when you need something from someone, the best way to get it is to require the fewest steps possible — and to sweeten the deal, AirDropper uses your Dropbox folder, so you will be able to access the file(s) from anywhere.

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How many of you have had that moment in time when you need to share a file (big or small) with someone who just shuts down when introduced to new technology? Tools like Dropbox, while they make obvious sense to anyone who traffics in such things, will, in many cases, be responsible for blank stares, open derision, and comments like “can’t you just mail me a CD?” Alas, not everyone has made it to our little techie corner of the world. is going to solve that little problem for us all.

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