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Tag Archives: eReader

4 Sites to Help You Find Free Kindle Books

I don’t think I’ve ever downloaded a free Kindle book from Amazon, but I’ve seen some of my Facebook friends mention that they regularly read free Kindle books. I recently received a tip through my contact form, suggesting a site that lists over 33,000 free Kindle books.

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Read All the Skyrim Books on Your Kindle, Nook, or Other E-Reader

After a long love affair with Bioware games, I’ve found myself smitten with Skryim, by Bethesda. As with the other two games in the Elder Scrolls series that I’ve played, Morrowind and Oblivion, Skyrim features a huge, do-anything world for you to explore. Unlike those two earlier games, Skryim has me completely addicted. If you’re not playing it, you’re missing out on one of the best games in years. Skyrim’s world is tremendously immersive. The number of books that you’ll find all over Skryim adds to that immersion. The drawback with the number of books that you can find is that reading them takes some time. I have limited time, so I wanted a way to read the books when I wasn’t in front of the computer. Thanks to an enterprising gamer, you can do just that.

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A Rundown on the Top ‘Colorful’ E-readers in the Market

Pink seems to be the color on everyone’s minds, with men and women alike choosing fancy and cheap pink e-readers over the usual white, black or silver colored e-readers. Besides features and functionality, aesthetics is an important consideration for buyers of laptops, e-readers and other computing devices. Though not many brands have color options when it comes to e-book readers, there are a few manufacturers like Sony, Bookeen, Cool-er etcetera who do offer cheap e-readers in many colors including pink. For those who want to check reviews and compare deals on ‘pink readers’, here is some information on the different brands that have pink e-readers for sale.

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eReaderIQ The Easy Way to Find Free eBooks (and Track Price Drops) for Your Kindle

Borrowing eBooks is a great way to get your free on in Kindle-land, but if you want to actually own the books — and not be subject to time limits — then check out eReaderIQ. Sure, you probably won’t find the latest best sellers, but you will find a lot more than just public domain. The price drop notifications don’t hurt, either.

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How To Turn Your Kindle Or Nook Into an RSS Reader

The Kindle and other eReaders are great for reading books, but you don’t have to stop there. With a bit of initial work, you can turn your Kindle or Nook into a competent reader of your RSS feeds from Google Reader. G:RSS-Web is a service that allows you to access your Google Reader feeds in your eReader’s web browser, in a format designed for your device.

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Get Your Current eBook Library On Your iBooks Bookshelf with Calibre

One of the most annoying things about eReader apps on the iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad (that have their own dedicated stores) is their proprietary nature — namely, they generally only read books you have purchased from their respective companies, regardless of the library you already own. This can be a pain, as it leads to both multiple eReader apps on your phone and several books inevitably left twisting in the proverbial wind. You can use Stanza for iPhone to solve this problem, but why not put all of your books on that pretty iBooks bookshelf? As of version 0.7, Calibre lets you do just that!

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