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Tag Archives: Communication

The Death of Email — At Least Internally — At A Large Multi-national Company

People have been talking about the death of email for a while now. Every time there’s a new, communications-focused technology, most notably Google Wave — and we all know how that went – email eulogies pop up all over the internet. It seems likely to me that email is here to stay, at least for a while longer, but if other companies follow the example of Atos, a 74,000 employee French tech company spanning 42 countries, email may actually begin its prophesied decline.

Atos has banned email.

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Sign and Send Faxes and Emailed Documents . . . Without a Fax, Scanner, or Printer

With the dominance of email and other forms of digital communications, the fax machine is dying a slow death. There are still times, though, where you’ll want to not only send a fax, but attach a signature to a faxed document. You can do so without a scanner, fax machine, or printer, using webapp HelloFax. HelloFax also supports the signing and sending of documents via email.

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Text Messaging for Super Spies

Are you a spy, engaged in nefarious business dealings, or an extreme fan of privacy? Maybe you just really liked Mission Impossible or Inspector Gadget? If so, you will probably get a kick out of self-destructing text messages. That’s right, messages where you get to add your own little “time-bomb” that deletes the possibly offending or incriminating text off both your own phone, and that of the receiving party. Never get caught sexting by your significant other again.*Don’t leave a trail of incriminating evidence behind!* Etc. Etc. Etc… You get it, I’m sure.

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My iPhone Just Killed My FRS – Hello HeyTell

I used to love my FRS. I didn’t have to pay for anything; I could talk to people a fair distance away — and it always reminded me of playing with walkie talkies as a kid. Good times. Well, those days are gone. The iPhone/Android app HeyTell has put the proverbial smackdown on my FRS use — when it comes to other HeyTell users, anyway.

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