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Tag Archives: Collaboration Tools

Producteev Gets a Massive Upgrade: Android App, Windows Desktop App, and an All Around Makeover

Producteev, one of our favourite  — and one of the best — to-do apps, has released a massive upgrade that includes some long-awaited features and platform updates. The web and iPhone apps have gotten a makeover, the much clamoured-for Android app has finally arrived, and there is now a Windows 7 desktop app to balance out the Mac version. Even the logo has been updated (bye bye Tasky the beaver)!

To top it all off, Producteev has added a few new features into the mix — and yes (drumroll), that does include sub-tasks…

Read more File Sharing for the Technology-Challenged

How many of you have had that moment in time when you need to share a file (big or small) with someone who just shuts down when introduced to new technology? Tools like Dropbox, while they make obvious sense to anyone who traffics in such things, will, in many cases, be responsible for blank stares, open derision, and comments like “can’t you just mail me a CD?” Alas, not everyone has made it to our little techie corner of the world. is going to solve that little problem for us all.

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The Hunt for a Google Wave Replacement, Part II – More Google Services!

Last week we reviewed Zenbe as a possible replacement for those of you who used and came to love Google Wave. Today we offer our second suggestion. This suggestion isn’t a collaboration site so much as a system to replace Wave. The system to replace Wave is based on using the full-range of Google’s other products. Read on for a look at the Google services that we use, and how we tie it all together into a manageable system.

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The Hunt for a Google Wave Replacement, Part I: Shareflow

While many people had no use for Google Wave, the recent announcement of its impending demise is a disappointment for those who found it to be a useful tool. Are you looking for a replacement? If so, come along with us as we try out some alternatives over the coming weeks. The first candidate that we’ve tried out is Zenbe Shareflow, a tool that is surprisingly Wave-like. Read on for our impressions, and then let us know what you think if you try it out.

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