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Tag Archives: cloud computing

The Amazon Crash and Burn, And How It Affected an Ordinary Blogger

What a week for the cloud. On April 19, Sony took down the PlayStation Network in the face of hacker attacks that compromised the network. Two days later, large portions of Amazon Web Services crashed and burned, due to technical glitches. Amazon has since recovered, but the PlayStation Network is still offline. Much has been reported about the effect of the Amazon outage on major sites like Quora, reddit, and Foursquare. But many “ordinary” bloggers use Amazon services as well. How did it affect them? We spoke to a blogger whose sites were taken offline by the outage, and learned a few things.

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Access Your eBook Library On Multiple Computers with Calibre and Dropbox

Calibre is, hands down, the best eBook manager out there. It can help you organize your entire library across devices, convert books from one format to another as needed or desired, and even use the built in server for over-the-air access to your books, from anywhere. In theory, anyway. In practise, there are many things that will get in the way of the “anywhere” part. Software and router firewalls, for example, may prove too complicated to overcome easily, leaving over-the-air book transfer dreams confined within the walls of home networks.

An easy way to mitigate these problems is to set up your Calibre library to be accessible from multiple computers — and the best way to do that is with Dropbox.


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Follow Up Poll: What One Freemium Service Is Most Worth Paying For?

We asked, and you answered. We recently asked what freemium services had earned your cash, and you answered in force, suggesting many services for which you have paid. We mentioned at the time that if we got enough answers, we’d run a poll to assess the popularity of each service. So here we go – below you’ll see a poll that asks you to pick the one service that is most worth paying for. Cast your vote, and we’ll report back with the results.

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What Next-Gen Tech, Gadgets Are You Most Looking Forward To?

CES 2011 wrapped up about a week past, and from the the look of things, there is some pretty sweet new tech on the horizon. There are tablets, smartphone/laptop combos, tablet/netbook combos, concept cars/bikes, connected TVs, WiFi-connected refrigerators, unifying cloud storage services, and much much more.

After the jump, I’ve listed three of the things I’m most looking forward to, as well as links to a few articles from folks who were at the event. Have a read, be tantalized and amazed — and let us know what you are most excited about in the world of tech and gadgets this year!

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The Cloud Explained — by Kids

It was my birthday the other day. I turned 35. Yep, 35, and I write for a blog called 40Tech. I’m mature for my age, ok? Either way, I was feeling pretty good about myself that day. 35 years old is young, right? Well, that’s what I thought until I saw this video by Accenture that has little kids explaining cloud computing.

I now feel positively ancient. Video after the jump.

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