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Tag Archives: backup services

Easily Back Up Your Google+, Picasa Data With Takeout

If you have invested yourself into Google+ at all, you will be happy to know that, whether you stick with the service or not, there is an easy way to get a copy of all of your data (profile, contacts and circles, your stream, Picasa pics — even Buzz and +1s). It’s called Takeout, and it’s built right into your Google+ settings as a part of Google’s “Data Liberation Front.”

There’s no tricks to it, no caveats, and no amount of hacking genius required. It’s all a matter of a few points and clicks and a bit of hard drive space. Here’s how to do it:

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How to Back Up Your Gmail Account for Free

When thousands of Gmail users opened their inboxes last weekend and discovered, to their horror, that even the servers at the Great and Powerful Google are fallible, the word “backup” started flying around like a hummingbird drunk on one too many cups of coffee. We all know that we should regularly back up our Gmail — or anything that contains important information — but I have to wonder how many of us heard the news of the big disaster that might have been (if Google had been unable to restore the accounts) and quietly thanked our makers when we found that it hadn’t hit us. I suspect that the count in favour would be high, and that many of that group might like to take a moment to do that backup in case it happens again.

What’s the best way to back up your Gmail, though? Can it be done for free? Yep! Read on for two methods, below.


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Backupify: 2 Weeks Left to Get a Free, Unlimited, Account for Life

We’ve written extensively about backup solutions for your computer here on 40Tech — well, Evan has written extensively about it — but what about backing up your online life? With cloud services beginning to dominate our computer use, we continue to sign up for more and more services in which to post our photos, share our ideas, and share or store other things of a personal or otherwise important nature. This begs the question: What if the super-awesome new service I just signed up for goes the way of the forgotten dodo? What happens to all my stuff? Backupify does […]

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