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Tag Archives: Apple

Hide Unused App Icons on Your Apple TV

Where there’s a tech annoyance, there’s a clever person with a workaround to eliminate that annoyance. Tired of all the unused icons on your Apple TV? You can hide them by going into Settings > General > Parental Controls, and picking which built-in apps to hide. I’ll be trying this tonight.

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Help Turn Your MacBook Into a Desktop Computer With the mStand

Thank you, Tony Hue of LonePlacebo for helping me spend money. A couple of weeks ago, Tony wrote about the mStand, a monitor stand that almost looks like it could have been designed by Apple. I decided that I needed a stand, so I took the plunge and bought the swiveling version of the stand, the mStand 360, along with an Apple Wireless Keyboard and Magic Trackpad.

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5 Apple TV Remote Commands That You Might Not Know

You can learn from a toddler. My daughter, who is 16 months old, loves to play with remote controls. Every now and then, she’ll be playing around with the Apple TV remote, and the Apple TV will do something unexpected. I finally went in search of a comprehensive list of Apple TV Remote commands.

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The Mac App Store – Doomed to Failure

Earlier this year, I wrote about the pros and cons of buying your Mac apps from the Mac App Store. Since then, I’ve come to a firm decision – when possible I will buy my Mac apps directly from the developer, instead of from the Mac App Store. I can thank Apple and the far-reaching effects of its sandboxing policies for leading me to this decision.

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And the Company With the Most Security Vulnerabilities is . . . Apple?

Prior to the Flashback malware fiasco, Apple’s platforms had a reputation for being secure. That reputation might not have been deserved, if a report from the first quarter of 2012 is to be believed. That report, which predated the discovery of the Flashback trojan, took a look at the number of vulnerabilities that major tech vendors reported. The numbers might surprise you.

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The iPhone 4S: a Revolution in Smartphone Gaming?

Although Apple’s new iPhone did not electrify either the media or the stock market quite so much as Apple might have hoped, it has certainly proved popular with their most vital audience: the consumers, who have made it the most successful iPhone launch ever, with 4 million sales already. It’s achieved worldwide success, including unprecedented penetration in the Chinese market.

Many people probably picked up the 4S for the Siri Personal Assistant, or the much-improved 8Mp camera, or just because it’s fun to have the very latest high-end phone. Hopefully they will sooner or later appreciate the true power of this new handset, which goes far beyond what we’ve come to expect in smartphones, particularly in several areas crucial to gaming: notably processor power, graphics chip, and the possibilities unlocked by the iCloud and AirPlay services.

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A Short Memoriam to Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was an innovator, a forward thinker, and an incredible entrepreneur. He took no prisoners in the battle with his competition and wasn’t afraid to make fun of them, belittle them, or otherwise express his opinion. He used that persona to help create a sense of elitism and superior quality around Apple products that catapulted the brand to wild success – a success only strengthened by the fact that the quality of Apple products often was superior.

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iPhone 5 Thief Doesn’t Know Who He’s Messing With… Just Ask Conan [VIDEO]

You might remember the whole “iPhone 4 prototype swiped in a bar” fiasco. You’re probably aware that history has recently repeated itself with the iPhone 5. What you might not know is what Apple is planning to do about it. Never fear, however! Conan O’Brien and the good folks at Team Coco have put together a commercial that shows exactly what fate awaits the intrepid thief — and it ain’t gonna be pretty.

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MRI Scan of the Brain Shows That Apple Fandom Really Is Like a Religion

Perhaps this one should be filed under “cool headline, but what is the whole story?” According to TUAW, a documentary on BBC 3 compares the similarities between Apple and a religion. A team of neuroscientists took an MRI scan of the brain of an Apple fanatic, and determined that “Apple was actually stimulating the same parts of the brain as religious imagery does in people in faith.”

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Word Lens: Real Time Language Translation (iOS)

File this under very cool and potentially useful. Word Lens is the kind of app you will want to have on you when travelling, or when presented with text in a language you don’t understand that you just have to know the translation of. I say “will want” because, so far, it only works with Spanish and English, so it is useless for your other translation needs. It’s still awesome, though — the bees knees, even.

All this iOS app needs is a device with a camera, and — with no network required — it will translate the text that the camera sees, in real time. It works surprisingly well, too! I think that, next to (prepare for Star Trek reference) a Universal Translator, this is best thing to happen to translation software in a while. Maybe Google will buy them and offer the tech for free some day soon. For now, however, even though the app looks free, it will actually cost you $10 per language set. That means that you need to spend $10 to get it to translate Spanish to English and another $10 for the vice versa. For what it does, though, and especially as it adds in more languages, Word Lens might actually be worth it.

Check out the video after the jump:

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