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Sponsored Post Guidelines

The support of sponsors and advertisers helps keep the lights on here.  Here is some information on sponsored posts at 40Tech:

  • We try to keep the content of sponsored posts relevant or interesting to our readers, and in good taste.
  • Sponsored Posts receive up to three links: one link in the introduction for your company’s name (ie “This post is brought to you by Acme Widget Company…”), and then up to two more links in the content of the article. Also, after reading this article from Google’s Matt Cutts, we have decided that all sponsored post links will use “no follow” links. Everyone always asks, “can you make an exception for me?” Sorry, we can’t.
  • Sponsored posts are typically written by the advertiser, unless indicated otherwise, but approved by the 40Tech editorial team.  At times, we may edit a sponsored post for grammar, and then get clearance from the sponsor before running the sponsored post.
  • 40Tech has no relationship with any sponsor, and we do not influence the message.
  • The contents of a sponsored post, including the opinions expressed therein, are those of the advertiser, and not of 40Tech or its writers.
  • Sponsored posts are clearly designated as such, so that readers will be able to determine which posts contain opinions of advertisers, and which posts contain the opinions of 40Tech writers.  This is typically done by the words [Sponsored Post] (in brackets) at the start of the title, and then the phrase “This is a sponsored post written by the sponsor, [sponsor's name].  Please click here for more information on sponsored posts on 40Tech” at the start of the article.  Currently, this appears in a gray text box, although that is subject to change.  The “click here” would link to the Sponsored Post Guidelines page.
  • A sponsored post currently costs $50 per post.
  • As of December 1, 2011, 40Tech was receiving over 75,000 page views a month, with over 2300 RSS subscribers. That doesn’t include over 2400 more following 40Tech and its writers on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.
  • A sponsored post will remain on the site for at least 6 months. In reality, the post will probably remain permanently, as we don’t prune old posts, but we can’t guarantee that.
  • The idea behind a sponsored post is to give the sponsor exposure for its product. Sponsored posts should not be used to gain link juice. We don’t want 40Tech to be a place for SEO farmers.
  • We reserve the right to edit posts to comply with these guidelines. By submitting a post, you agree to these guidelines.

If you’re interested in running a sponsored post with these guidelines in mind, please contact us.