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What Chrome Apps Do You Actually Use? [Reader Feedback]

I like Google Chrome. Love it, in fact. I love the extensions, I love the OS-style feel of it, and I love the apps integration that makes that feel possible. It long ago took over Firefox for me, and, while I love the foxy Fox, I’ve never been able to go back to it full time. The one thing I find with Google Chrome, however, is that — like my computer and my mobile devices — I have a tendency to collect apps that seem useful, and then rarely use them. I tell myself that they might come in handy […]

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Timer Tab Turns Your Browser Into a Simple and Beautiful Timer, Alarm Clock, and Stopwatch

Chrome’s Web Store houses all manner of apps — but they don’t have to be complex to be effective. Timer Tab is really nothing more than a simple countdown timer, alarm, and stopwatch built into a web page (accessible in any browser, including mobile Safari) — but the integration it enjoys with Google Chrome makes it incredibly useful. Time is a commodity that we’re all a little short on, and Timer Tab helps you manage it simply and easily.

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A USB-Stick with Chrome OS Has (Almost) Replaced Windows for Me

Google Chrome OS has been in the works for a while now, and has captured the imaginations of techies everywhere. Most of those interested were expecting — or at least hoping — to see laptops and netbooks that were near-completely cloud-based by the latter half of 2010, and the Cr-48 notebook and research “pilot program” was finally announced on December 7th. Many people have been testing Chrome OS for some time, however using methods such as booting from a USB-stick into a custom Chrome OS (or Chromium OS) build put together by friendly genius Hexxeh. The builds, as one might expect, were fraught with problems — hardware incompatibilities, the OS itself (and its features and capabilities) still in flux — and these problems usually lead to the conclusion that Chrome OS was just not ready for the world at large.

All of that is about to change.


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Block Sites From Search Results with the Personal Block List Extension [Chrome]

A new and incredibly useful extension has popped up on the Chrome Web Store: Personal Block List (by Google). If you have ever searched for something and been plagued by useless links that wiggle past Google’s algorithm — and odds are you have — then this extension is your friend. Personal Block List adds a handy little “Block [URL]” button to the right of the “Cached” and “Similar” links in Google’s search results. Once clicked, that site is omitted from your search results until you decide otherwise.

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Google Chrome OS Preview on USB Flash Drive

As a not-so-closet techie (or tech-geek, if you will), I find myself instantly attracted to all things new and shiny — even when the polish is not altogether there yet. This is why, on this US Thanksgiving evening, I find myself writing a post about Google Chrome OS from within a recently released build of Google Chrome OS (and I’m writing the post in Google Wave, no less). I’m positively giddy! I know, I know, so much hype is surrounding Chrome OS — and pretty much anything that Google does these days — but I don’t care. I want to […]

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Google Chrome Operating System – Able to Promise Big Because it Delivers Small?

On Tuesday night, Google announced its new Chrome operating system, with the code due for release later this year, and netbooks that run it due in the second half of 2010.  Some of the announcement is sure to be marketing speak, as Google’s announcement seems to promise the world.  Or does it?  Is Google able to promise what it does, because the OS itself is actually going to deliver very little?

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